Finding A Reliable Source For Background Checks

If you’re bringing on a new employee, you know it is a risky process that requires lots of resources. Along with training and compensation costs, you must find a reliable background check company to make sure that these expenses turn out to be a good investment and not a money-pit nightmare. Using one of the reputable background check websites available to perform a record search is key to making this process go smoothly.

But for every reputable, dependable, and accurate pre-employment screening service, there’s a scam background check site, too. We don’t want you to waste your precious time and resources getting duped, so we’ve assembled a list of the best background check sites on the market. Using one of these services will guarantee you are equipped with the most accurate and reputable information before you make any HR decisions.

Background Report
Easy option for people wanting to start and finish entire background check process online. All Needs, Instant, Check Anyone Fast. Prices start at $19.99.
Accurate Now
Automated background checks for small and medium-sized businesses. Prices start at $29.95.
Hassle-free online portal for pre-employment screening services. Provides package and quote-based pricing.
Offers pre-employment screening in more than 240 countries and territories and can handle applicants in 20 languages.
Provides full range of background check services and materials to stay compliant in your hiring practices.
Offers pre-employment screening services to small businesses. Each client assigned an account manager to help personalize the process and interpret results.
Helps clients develop screening procedures that are industry-specific. Services include verifications, credit history checks and background reports.
Trusted Employees
Work with small business owners to customize background checks to their industry, business type, and position they are hiring for.